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Yellow Fever Requirements

Those who were asking for more clarification about Yellow Fever vaccination, here are the up to date information/regulations from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare; All guests/visitors arriving from Non Endemic Yellow Fever zone(s) will not be required to show...

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What to expect from a night game drive

Night drives are a little different to day time game drives. You may depart on a drive in daylight, have a sun-downer in the bush and then travel back in darkness before your evening meal. In other camps, you can have an early dinner and then depart in almost-darkness...

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Tanzania Travel Tips

GMT + 3Primary:  The currency is called “Tanzanian Shilling” abbreviated “TZS”, which is divided into 100 Cents. Secondary: US Dollar Link to Tanzania other major currency exchange ratesKiswahili and English Even though Swahili is the official language in Tanzania,...

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